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Education contents for the years 2017 through 2020


The law 107 of 2015 drafted new guidelines for drawing up the 3-year education plan, which however can be reviewed yearly within October. The predominant role is played by the headmaster, who according to the new regulations must illustrate at teachers' meetings suggestions about school activities as well as management and administration. Thus the planning is left entirely to teachers, while approval is the School's Council cup of tea.The education plan for the schoolyears 2017 to 2020 was drawn up in consonance with those activities which had already been approved for the years 2015-2016. Our 3-year plan fixes activities, strategies and necessary resources to reach the main aims as fixed by the above-mentioned law. Thanks to our plan we guarantee students' right to school success and  the best possible self-realization, taking into account one's features and according to equality of opportunities.

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Liceo Scienze Umane
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