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The State High School “Charles Darwin” Introduces Itself

Built in 1935 to function as a seminary, it remained so for about 40 years, though during WW2 it also served as a garrison for the Italian Fascist Republic. In the mid 70s it was converted into our present school.

We are an undenominational, pluralistic and democratic school which respects differences of identities, a place to confront ideas, consciences and religions which, as a state school, we try to promote and foster.

Our fundamental target is an education to promote freely and fully the students’ personalities. Each student becomes involved in the growth of one’s moral and civil conscience. Yet, in the middle of the educational process, remains a student.

All students are granted the same opportunities in order for them to reach a high cultural level and find their right place in life, both by going to university and by acquiring useful tools for the job market, which is becoming steadily more European and even international.

For these reasons, well knowing that the integration of school into the European common arena is a strategic operation in these times, our High School promotes, in particular, exchange and cooperative programs with students from other European countries.

Last but not least, as a state school we consider it fundamental to strive for as much clarity as possible in all activities (targets, contents, marking, making-up), and can count upon the professionalism of teachers and parent-teacher-student boards, whose planning qualities we try to foster.


Combines scientific studies with the study of classical, Italian and Anglo-Saxon cultures; investigates the connection between science and classical tradition, discovering the links between the various forms of knowledge and providing mastery of the methodologies pertaining to both fields.


Aims at investigating social & economic phenomena and transformative dynamics by reflecting critically upon information sources and analysis methods, as well as by studying communicative processes both diachronically and synchronically.


Aims at developing one’s relation and communication skills, thanks to subjects such as pedagogy, psychology and social anthropology. Human Sciences provides a methodology to manage relations between both ourselves and the external world.


Aims at creating and improving one’s knowledge of many linguistic and cultural worlds, mastering three languages, in addition to Italian. This course uses multimedia technologies, exchanges with foreign students and stays abroad, thus providing diverse opportunities for encountering other cultures.

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Info e Contatti

Liceo Scientifico, Linguistico, Scienze Umane
"Charles Darwin"
Viale Giovanni Papa XXIII, 25 - Rivoli (TO)
Tel. 011 958 67 56 -  Fax 011 958 92 70


Liceo Scienze Umane
"Vito Scafidi" (sede distaccata)
Via San Giorgio snc - Sangano (TO) -


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